The world's most compact external thrusters

The brand new SX series is the world’s most compact external bow and stern thrusters, offering several additional benefits for boat builders and retrofit installations. Its versatile installation possibilities and small size make it a perfect choice for vessels where the inside configuration does not allow a standard thruster installation. Available in 35 and 50 kg thrust as on/off and PRO-versions suitable for boats up to 11 meters / 37 feet.

Introducing a revolutionary generation of stabilizers

The Vector fin™ stabilizers are the only system that effectively handles both cruising and at anchor use, with the at anchor stabilization force deciding the fins’ size. The Vector fins dramatically improve roll reduction efficiency while at the same time reducing undesired yaw and sway motions caused by active fins.

Bow and stern thrusters

Leading boat builders all over the world choose Sleipner for performance, reliability, ease of installation, and unrivaled safety features. This commitment to quality and product development has made the Side-Power range of thrusters the industry benchmark.

The standard bow and stern thruster series are the base for all our extensive range of DC electric thrusters.

The ignition protected versions are equipped with a hermetically sealed cover around the motor and switch gear.

Our retractable thrusters are excellent for use as bow or stern thrusters in boats with shallow or flat bottomed hulls, or where a tunnel opening in the hull at all is not desirable.

Questa serie di prodotti è completamente montata in esterno con un tunnel e appendici idrodinamiche che deviano l’acqua oltre le unità di propulsione dell’imbarcazione, ed è la soluzione migliore per le barche con motorizzazione con piedi poppieri. 

These pod thrusters are an excellent choice where a tunnel thruster cannot be fitted, or as an extremely compact stern thruster. As they are easy to fit they are especially good for retrofitting.

Hydraulic systems providing outstanding performance

A hydraulic thruster system is a natural choice when extensive thruster usage or long run cycles are required. We design our hydraulic systems with style needed for recreational craft and the reliability necessary for commercial use.

Ready-to-install AC Thrusters

The AC series is manufactured taking advantage of experiences gained through years of volume production, resulting in a very cost-efficient, high-quality product. The standard range is designed for 230V/ 400V. Setup for alternative power supply specifications can be delivered on request. 

The innovative S-link™ control system ensures fast and trouble-free installation and gives you the unique option to combine hydraulic and AC thrusters in a single control environment. All with variable speed control.

Just the right amount of thrust

A DC Speed Control system allows for more precise handling of the boat in all weather conditions. applying only the necessary power needed. By limiting the power under normal weather conditions, noise levels are significantly reduced. The system also includes a practical HOLD-function in a twin thruster system. With a single press of a button, the bow and stern thruster keep you alongside the docks, making docking on your own very easy.

A DC Speed Control system consists of a proportional control panel, a power control unit, and a DC electric thruster, all tied together with the S-link™ control system.